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Become a better Web Designer by learning how to code.

I've always had the belief that learning how to code, even on a basic level, will make you a better web designer. Through my free & premium courses, YouTube Channel where I upload content twice a week, and podcast that is released weekly, you'll learn how to become a better web designer.

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How to Host Your Static Website for Free
(and save hundreds)

I used to use expensive, slow and antiquated hosting companies that worked on decades old models. I was paying even for SSL security. But then I figured out how to host my static sites on these new, blazing fast Content Delivery Network and my world changed.

There is an initial setup to deploy sites to these newer CDNs (Content Delivery Networks), but once you get the setup complete, everyone flows easier.

I'll walk you through, step-by-step, how to deploy your static site to two CDNs, for free.

    Nearly an hour of free step-by-step methods of how you can host your static websites for free.

    a.Designer Who Codes Podcast

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    Episode #3
    You can never fail, you can only produce error messages


    Episode Summary

    The great part about graphic design is you have an open floor plan in which to design in. It's great. InDesign only really yells at you when your text goes beyond the text box or a file becomes unlinked. But there are very few messages whereby your design won't work.



    I spend a majority of my time making YouTube videos for you to use and consume, gratis. If you have received some value the from myriad of videos, it would be awesome if you would contribute. Even $3 a month means the world (and I can buy another latte that month).

    Free course coupon tiers are availabe.


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